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For the Briefest of Moments (2015-2016)

November 12, 2015



I've made so many mistakes and I'm really ashamed at the way I've behaved and mistreated you. 


You've shown me nothing but kindness and it truly breaks my heart that I have ever been selfish, mean and reckless in your presence. 


I love you so much and I really don't deserve the answered prayer you've been. I'm just so bent out of shape that I didn't meet you sooner, when I could have given you the total support and love you have somehow astonishingly been deprived of.


Call yourself a fixer upper, but goddamit you have a sturdy foundation, and as far as compassion goes, I say you are a historic landmark. You will be cherished and remembered, and should be photographed and restored to preserve the lovely image that you are. Perhaps I am exhausting the metaphor, but I do sincerely feel home in your arms.

-Jeremy Randolph Shaffer (October 6, 1981- February 5, 2016)

Answered Prayer  (2016)

You're a Historic Landmark

Home In Your Arms

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