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The biological and physiological way our minds function is crucial in understanding the self. How much of us derived from our past? What happens to the memories that we lose? The mind is inherently flawed and our memories, the precious things that make up who we are, are neither pure nor accurate. We are not machines, ours minds not cameras. We don’t capture or record what happens around us with perfect accuracy. The information that we record interact with the memories we’ve already stored. 


I mix neuroscience with nostalgia, blurring the line between the sterile and visceral. Using the collected memories of others with my own memories, scars, stories, experiences, myths and dreams, I care temporary archives. These performances and installations, like memories, dissolve as time passes. Through re-experiencing and re-exploring my own memories, scars, and secrets, I form connections between people and our universal experience. 


Using my body as material, I create performances that explore our identities and selves through memories and the past. Rituals and repetition separate the original memory and the new. Using memory as a lens, I demonstrate the failure in truly creating permanence of the past. 


These performed actions attempt to recall a time, place, and people that no longer exist.  


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